How To Know Whether You Need A Marital Separation Agreement?

If you are fed up with your marital life, divorce is not the only way out. A marital separation agreement is the first step that you should try, which involves living isolated from your spouse and yet legally wedded and continuing to enjoy the existing benefits - such as joint insurance, bank loan etc. Find out how to know whether you need a marital separation agreement in Florida.


You can opt for separation if you are being abused, constantly or at least from time to time. Abuse in any form can be regarded as a type of domestic violence, which is considered to be a legal offense. If you are being abused and the situation at home is getting intolerable, you can opt to live separately. The court might also order counseling, therapy, behavioral correction, addiction recovery, psychiatric treatment or some other form of treatment for your spouse. You might have to be a part of the treatment process as well, while living isolated from him/her.

Financial matters

If arguments about financial matters are going out of hand, and you are being unable to sort out the issues with your spouse, counseling is the first and foremost option. If that is proving to be unsuccessful and you are feeling claustrophobic at the daily economic turbulence at home, separation for some time is the next best option for you.

Child issues

If you feel that your spouse is behaving in a way that could have a negative impact on your children, you can opt for a separation on that ground as well. It is often that a violent or abusive parent leaves lifelong scars on a child. The court understands and recognizes such issues, and can approve your application for a separation agreement.

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